News from Lammas Wood

Well, the world of Tanyth Fairport has taken a bit of a back seat to putting out the Solar Clipper series but it’s not disappeared.

Those who follow the Trader’s Diary know that the books are being produced by Ridan Publishing. I had a chance to sit down with Robin and Michael after BaltiCon and hammer out a production schedule for ALL my books over the next four years. Yes, you read that right. ALL the books.

For Tanyth Fairport fans that means you’ll be seeing her in print much sooner than you might expect. We’ve tentatively slated Ravenwood for production in November, 2010, — just in time for Yule.

But that’s not all! I’ve got the sequel to Ravenwood (tentatively titled Overton) in the queue for February, 2011.

With a little help from the All Mother, and the creek don’t rise, we’ll be seeing a LOT more content coming out.

Also, fantasy lovers, note that I’ll be producing the podiobook versions of Michael J. Sullivan’s Chronicles of Riyria starting later this summer. I’m almost done reading the first book and it’s really a fun romp. This one sets the stage for an extended six book series and I’m looking forward to producing these in podcast format.

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    This is great news, looking forward to getting the books in dead tree versions, and hearing the new stories…

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    I can’t wait for Overton!

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    LaNeta B

    Excellent news! The world (especially my family & I) need more Tanith Fairport novels!
    We just completed a road trip (550 miles each way in 3 days) & find your stories a preventative measure that helped stave off “white-line-fever” — we had to stay alert to not miss any nuances!

    We’ve enjoyed all your publications. Thank you, thank you, thank you & best luck for the future — keep the podcast fires alive!

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    Wonderful! I love your stories. My husband & I enjoy them over & over as we never get tired of them. My daughter loved the solar clipper series (anxiously waiting for the next) & just started Ravenwood. I loved Ravenwood & can’t wait to hear more about Tanith’s journey.
    You are a great story teller & a wonderfull reader. Just finished the Crown Conspiracy. Enjoyed it greatly.
    I wish you much success & hope you keep them coming!
    Thank you for sharing your talent

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    I love all your books Nathan. I love all the books about the Solar Clipper. I know it may have to come to an end sometime. And I will greatly miss Ishmael. I can’t wait to hear more about Tanyth Fairport. The way you describe the scene makes you think you are in the book. Thank you for all the beautiful words you use…..

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    thanks for all the encouraging comments.

    i’m *so* looking forward to getting back into this world. I’ve been letting things percolate in the background for a year now and I think we’re gonna have some fun here.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to get Ravenwood released in text before this year is out. 😀

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    Hello Nathan,

    I note the post says due for publication in November 2010, but your last comment states it may not be until the end of 2011. I hope that you will advise once the book is available for pre-order on Amazon, or other good book stores, and I certainly hope this is sooner rather than later, as it would make a nice Yul gift for friends.

    All the best.

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    Yes. Unfortunately we got sandbagged by edits on Half Share and that pushed everything into limbo until we got them cleared. Full Share is up next in April, but Ridan has discussed the idea of going to a 4month publication cycle because of some changes that are happening over there.

    It’s possible that we might do Ravenwood in August and push the first book of the second Share trilogy off to December.

    When I know, I’ll post something.

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    is Overton out yet Nathan? Im searching and will continue to do so until you post it – thanks again!

    cant wait!

  10. 10

    No, but I’m hoping for this summer.

    And it may not be titled Overton. Glen Beck kinda spoiled that title for me.

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    Hey Nathan, I have read/listened to everything you have out there – need more quickly, actually gonna listen to Ravenwood again, there’s always things i missed (phone rang, kids talking, etc) and i always love visiting the characters again anyway, i also listen to Phil Rossi, Scott Sigler and Mike Bennett – wide range here of Sy-Fy stuff and your material sorta puts the icing on my cake to say – the others are sorta way off the grid, love’em I do, but yours brings me back to my “center” –

    Thanks Nathan – Cant wait for WHATEVER comes next –