The Crown Conspiracy

if you follow me on twitter or are following the Podiobooks blog, you may have already heard that I’m producing Michael J. Sullivan’s The Crown Conspiracy in podiobook format. That’s not really anything to do with Lammas Wood but, being a rollicking fantasy tale, listeners who’ve enjoyed Ravenwood and Tanyth Fairport might enjoy this first book in Michael’s six-book saga called Riyria Revelations.

The last episode has been posted to the Podiobook servers and we’re just waiting for it to pass their quality control checks to mark the book complete.

For more information see The Crown Conspiracy at, Michael Sullivan’s web site or search for The Crown Conspiracy at the iTunes Music store.

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    […] left a more extensive post over at Lammas Wood, but I wanted to let people here know as well that the first of Michael J. Sullivan’s works […]

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    I’m sorry to hear about your day job going away. I stumbled into your podiobooks and have become a fan very quickly. Keep your head up about the day job, I lost mine 3 years ago and it took forever to get another one. Good luck and I cant wait to hear what you come up with next.

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    Your books bring me much needed peace, allowing me to stand in tall in a whirlwind of stress. Sorry to hear of your distress. I wonder though what you read to bring you peace?

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    I find peace in a lot of places. Seldom in reading, but frequently when out and about – watching the sky, the unfolding of the day.

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    This comment is late in coming, but heartfelt nonetheless. THANK YOU for doing The Crown Conspiracy and introducing me to Mr. Sullivan. I was in need of something to listen to for a long commute. When I saw that you had produced/voiced this I took a chance on it since I really enjoyed Ravenwood. That deceptively simple podcast suckered me in and kept me hanging every second. Micheal’s writing combined with your dramatic readings = adventure, joy, excitement, laughter and escape. (pun intended) And I had to do what every newly hooked junkie had to do. I went out and bought more to get my Riyria fix. Thank you again for introducing me to this writer and the characters.

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    Patrick Phillips

    Avempartha will you still be doing the audio for this book since MSJ is no longer with Ridan and the 6 books are being combined to 3. I almost wish I didn’t listen to the crown because I’m left hanging till Dec/Jan’12 and if I’ll ever get book 6 for the shelf

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    I’m not sure ATM, Patrick. We will probably discuss it this weekend at BaltiCon.