News Update

I’m assuming that most readers here are also following along at the Trader’s Diary, but in case you’re not, Debora Geary has offered free copies of her novella Matchmaker 2.0 to up to three of my readers.

If you haven’t been following then you probably haven’t heard that I’m going to be filling in some of the gaps with some novella length pieces that we’re calling Novel Nibbles. These will be about 20k words long and offered for 99 cents on the kindle and smashwords stores and listed on the Novel Nibbles catalog site as well. I left a post over on the Trader’s Diary with more information but I’m really looking forward to getting more writing out faster than I can do in novel formats alone.

The Ravenwood sequel is on my plate for release in late summer of this year so watch for more stories about Tanyth coming soon.

Thanks again.

2 Responses to “News Update”

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    Lynn Willis

    Yay! I’ve been following The Trader Diaries since the first book, & was sad when it ended (in more ways than one!). I loved Ravenwood, and can’t wait for the sequel. Good, good stuff. Keep the words flowing, Nathan.

  2. 2
    Steven B


    Wonderful book. I have read/ listened to all 3 of your series now. I thoroughly enjoy everything you have done in a your sand boxes. I can;t wait for more. You have made it into my top 5 favorite authors of all time. Thanks for all your hard work. Selfishly I beg you to keep it up