Map of the World

One of the things that I’ve not done for Tanyth Fairport is map out her world. As I’m working on Book 2, Zypheria’s Call, that lack has bitten me in the behind and I found that I needed to get the map fixed. There will be more, but here’s the map of the world as I know it right at the moment.

I’ll be making some detail maps for each book in a bit.

Except for Korlay and Zypheria, I’m not bound by any of these other names. If you’ve got any suggestions for alternatives for the other two continents or the bodies of water, let me know in the comments.

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    Tara Li

    Interesting to see the evolution here in continents. The first map posted has one large continent, one small continent, and one large island as the major land masses, where it now has one large and two medium continents. The only other thing I’m looking at, at this point, is the Bight of Zypheria, and the rough description of sailing from the south side to the north side – that north side looks pretty far north to me, and very close to arctic territory. I’ll wait for the detailed extractions to see how it works – I’m guessing that area, though, is probably close to Maine and Newfoundland in climate?

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    I noticed that along the bottom of the map there is some area not filled in by ocean–looks like a little mistake.

  3. 3

    Yeah. I’m redrawing it with better dimensions, but there was a hiccup in one of the mask layers.

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    Dr. Jim Caplan

    How about placing Ravenwood and the towns and villages we’ve already discovered in the first book on this map? Would be helpful to orient us.
    PS, Ravenwood is wonderful. Thank you

  5. 5

    I’ve got a close up map for that and this one needs a revision. That “Bight of Zypheria” is a bit more like the Indian Ocean in size. Not quite what I had in mind. I need to think about that.

    After November. 😀

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    Hi Nate

    What are you using to draw your maps. I need to do a map and can’t find anything that produces anything that I like. Yours look good. 🙂



  7. 7

    I joined the “cartographer’s guild” and leaned a lot about making maps from their tutorials. I use nothing but GIMP at the moment.

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    Been loving your work, Nathan…

    Could see you possibly changing the name of Sudenlan. Frankly, it immediately conjers up thoughts of Sudetenland… then Nazi Germany…

    Just my .02.

  9. 9

    I see that you used GIMP for this (and continue to use it). I checked out The Cartographer’s Guild and went to one of the tutorials for atlas making. I too use GIMP, but could not find a Hard Mix filter, which seems to be pretty vital in creating a map like this. How did you complete your map without the filter?

    By the way, very nice work. Northern Eisel looks like my kind of place!

  10. 10

    It was a relatively straightforward effort in terms of layers and bump maps. I used a basic foundation of a desaturated plasma cloud and built up from there.

    It’s still not right, but it’s getting there.