Still Alive!

I just realized that it’s been over two years since I posted here. Sorry about that. I’ve been busy and posting over at but forgot that some of you don’t follow me there. Where’s Tanyth? All three of the Tanyth Fairport Adventures are now available in paper and ebook. You can get them on […]

The Hermit of Lammas Wood

I pushed the “publish” button last night and the book is live on Amazon today. It’s still working thru the Nook and Kobo infrastructure but it should be available there, soon. This is final book in Tanyth’s first trilogy but I’ve plans for many more stories with Tanyth. Rebecca will also be coming back in […]

Tanyth Returns

After months of not hearing much, I finally have news. For National Novel Writing Month I decided to wrap up the Tanyth Fairport trilogy with The Hermit Of Lammas Wood. I finished the first draft on Nov 20, and just sent off the second draft to the editor a few minutes ago. I’ve put this […]