Dropped The Ball

I just got a Paypal notice on a held order. Yikes! Somebody wanted to buy a copy of Ravenwood at the beginning of September and I missed the Paypal notice (apparently). I’m out of stock on the old covers so I couldn’t fill it anyway but I should have at LEAST told the reader. Mea […]

Podiobooks Down

Yes, it’s true. Podiobooks is down but this time, it’s not me. Some of you have noted the problems with the Podiobooks site showing up as “at risk” on Google searches because of some slimy spammishness that got linked in. After months of trying to fix it piecemeal, Evo and his support staff has decided […]

News From The Woods

It’s been too long since I updated so let me try to rectify that now. Comments Sorry about the comments. I didn’t realize I had so many waiting in moderation. I’ll check more often. Next Tanyth Fairport Zypheria’s Call is in my word processor now while I wait for Ridan to return my edits for […]

Map of the World

One of the things that I’ve not done for Tanyth Fairport is map out her world. As I’m working on Book 2, Zypheria’s Call, that lack has bitten me in the behind and I found that I needed to get the map fixed. There will be more, but here’s the map of the world as […]

More Magic!

The hits just keep on coming! I just finished KC May’s “The Kinshield Legacy.” KC is another person I met over on the Kindleboards and when her second book in this series came out last week, I went back and looked at the first one. Wow. Great story, fun characters, real villainy, and a magic […]

News Update

I’m assuming that most readers here are also following along at the Trader’s Diary, but in case you’re not, Debora Geary has offered free copies of her novella Matchmaker 2.0 to up to three of my readers. If you haven’t been following then you probably haven’t heard that I’m going to be filling in some […]

Greetings, Traveler.

Merry meet and welcome to the new home of Tanyth Fairport and the stories from the Lammas Wood. Most of you know me from the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper, but this foray into fantasy represents a new direction in my writing. My goal was to take the standard ideas in fantasy literature and […]