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    Unfortunately the registration process doesn´t work for me. It tells me that the code is invalid.

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    It’s because you’re already subscribed, Anna. 🙂

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    High praise for each of your series. Not only do you have the golden touch for spinning tales, you are also very gifted in putting them in audio format. Not many authors can do both so successfully. Along with the rest of your fans, I can hardly wait to revisit the Deep Dark with Ishmael, continue Tanyth’s journey and hopefully see the newest Shamman develop in to a wise older man.
    You have left the door wide open in your space opera for introducing us to more characters in the Deep Dark. The Golden Age of The Solar Clipper stands on it’s own merits, borrowing nothing from others including our own preconceptions of space travel. What you have given us is truly spectacular.

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    Ravenwood is the best book I’ve read in a long time. I can not wait to read the other two books in three series. I love all the characters. I just want to thank you.

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    Frank Gerlach

    Thank for a fun time on reading your books, I started with quarter share and have read everything I could find in the series and now I’ just finished your last novel with Pip and Ishmael going after the killer of his lover and partner in life. I’m 74 and hope I get to read how that turns out. Thanks again for many days of fun. Frank Gerlach, a satisfied reader!

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