Zypheria’s Call

I’m well into the second draft now and looking at month end to have this next part of Tanyth’s story available.

Unlike other releases, I’m going to do all of them at once–print, ebook, and audio. (Sorry, limited edition hardcovers will have to wait for the third book in the series.)

It’s wonderful seeing the story that I really only roughed out last November filling in, putting meat on the bones, and growing up to be a full story. My beta readers are a huge help in finding the continuity and story problems. Special thanks to fan John H for going thru Ravenwood and finding all the names I needed. Thanks also to my sister, Laurie, who’s been helping with the herbal lore. She’s got a bit of magic of her own, I think.

Stay tuned. The wheels are turning and there’ll be new content Real Soon.

3 Responses to “Zypheria’s Call”

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    Glad to see you back at writing. Not like we are waiting for your next book or anything (grin). It has to be seriously hard with so many books at various stages at once.

    Not sure that waiting till all formats are ready to go is the best way to do it. Perhaps starting to release the podcasts about two weeks before e and print editions would result in more sales (people can’t wait for the end of the book). Otherwise – just download and go (for free rather than pay anything?)

  2. 2

    Well, it’s more like releasing them as they’re available.

    Recording production takes the longest, but it counts as a final edit. I’ll want to finish that before I get the book into text formats. Podiobooks has changed the rules on submission so I have to have all the episodes done before I can release there now — which actually works out because I can get the changes I make by reading added to the books.

    That also puts a spike in releasing the podcast a couple of weeks early. When we released episodes weekly (or daily) that delay of “I need to know NOW” would have worked nicely. As it is? Won’t matter. They can get the whole podcast at once and mainline it.

    Technically, I could release the paper/ebook versions about two weeks before the audio because text production is a pretty short process after the manuscript is done. Because I’m using the reading as a final “draft” … yeah. They’ll be coming out more or less at the same time.

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    Can’t wait. I’m re-listening to all your podiobooks once more to bide my time.