Podiobooks Down

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Yes, it’s true.

Podiobooks is down but this time, it’s not me.

Some of you have noted the problems with the Podiobooks site showing up as “at risk” on Google searches because of some slimy spammishness that got linked in. After months of trying to fix it piecemeal, Evo and his support staff has decided to bit the bullet and take the site down to metal and rebuilt from the disk up.

This is both good news and bad news.

The good news is that the new Podiobooks 2.0 that has been in development for at least three years is being rolled out. The bad news is that this could take a while…and we don’t exactly know how long.

In the meantime, the Community is still up and running. You can find news and information about the server and the progress there.

Patience is all we need at the moment, and I’ll try to come up with stuff to distract you in the coming days.


A Little Taste

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I’m almost at the point where I can format the book for print. In the meantime, I’ve started recording and here’s a little taste of what’s coming with Zypheria’s Call – A Tanyth Fairport Adventure: Book 2.

Will You Answer The Call?

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Zypheria’s Call, that is.

The manuscript is with the copy editors now and I’m clearing the decks for audio production. I’m cautiously optimistic that this will be out around the first of August. I’d love to have it ready in time for Lughnassadh (also called Lammas), the cross-quarter celebration for the wheat harvest.

At 100,000 words, I’ll need to do about 12,000 a day to get it done by August 1.

Just to forestall the questions, I’ll be releasing it in all three formats — ebook, print, and podcast — all at the same time. Having it be available will depend on the various channels. Ebook is typically fastest, followed by audio and then by print. (You hardcover people? Not yet, but still planning for it.)

EDIT: July 31, 2012 – I’m not going to get this trigger pulled tomorrow. Sorry, but I’m still working on copy edits and then I need to do formatting. I’d rather it be right than fast, so … please bear with me. It’s in the last stages now.

Zypheria’s Call

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I’m well into the second draft now and looking at month end to have this next part of Tanyth’s story available.

Unlike other releases, I’m going to do all of them at once–print, ebook, and audio. (Sorry, limited edition hardcovers will have to wait for the third book in the series.)

It’s wonderful seeing the story that I really only roughed out last November filling in, putting meat on the bones, and growing up to be a full story. My beta readers are a huge help in finding the continuity and story problems. Special thanks to fan John H for going thru Ravenwood and finding all the names I needed. Thanks also to my sister, Laurie, who’s been helping with the herbal lore. She’s got a bit of magic of her own, I think.

Stay tuned. The wheels are turning and there’ll be new content Real Soon.

News From The Woods

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It’s been too long since I updated so let me try to rectify that now.


Sorry about the comments. I didn’t realize I had so many waiting in moderation. I’ll check more often.

Next Tanyth Fairport

Zypheria’s Call is in my word processor now while I wait for Ridan to return my edits for Captain’s Share. I’m working on a word spring with my online writer’s group and we’re working toward 15,000 words by the end of day Thursday, I’ve written 7,900 since Friday morning so I’m well on the pace. My goal is to have a full working draft for beta readers by the end of the week (June 8). Will I make it? I don’t know, but I’m working off a schedule that should help me get focused and stay there.

Trader’s Tales

The Ishmael Wang books are in production. Ridan has said both books will be out before Christmas. With a release in May and projected dates of Seaptember and November for the remaining two, that would be quite a feat. It’s not a prediction, just what the plan looks like now.

Web Work

All my websites are getting overhauled. I’ve hired it done because I need to get that fixed and I don’t want to take the time away from writing to do it. Allison Duncan of Get Found Consulting is doing the design work and we’ll probably be tweaking everything to make it easier to find what’s out there.


If you subscribe through podiobooks.com you can find all the books that are available for free. Some of them are mine. The easiest way is to use the iTunes Music Store and plug “podiobooks.com” in the search bar. Podiobooks is a preferred provider to iTunes and, as such, has their own presence there. All my books are listed there as free downloads in audio (mp3) format. Click the “All Podcasts” link and you’ll have all the podiobooks available. Or you can just put my name in the search bar and see everything that’s got my name on it on iTunes. (I’m shocked at the size of that list.)


Please accept my heartfelt thanks for the support all of you have given my work over the years. Tanyth’s stories are some of my favorites because they’re so rich (and difficult). It means a great deal to me that they’re being so warmly recieved.

Until next time, blessed be.

Zypheria’s Call

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Welcome to all the new readers!

The promotion was a startling success and I’m so pleased that so many of you took advantage of the offer. I’ve already had a lot of questions about “when’s the next book coming?”

Well, I’ve already got the cover art done, thanks to Kip Ayers.

The text itself was completed in first draft last November, but I’m doing some substantial re-writes on it now and I’m cautiously optimistic that I’ll be releasing it to print, ebook, and podcast audio in March.

Thanks, again, for coming along with Tanyth and her adventures in Korlay.

New Cover Art

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Kip Ayers has finished work on the first cover for me. I think it fits the idea of “fantasy quest” much better.

Map of the World

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One of the things that I’ve not done for Tanyth Fairport is map out her world. As I’m working on Book 2, Zypheria’s Call, that lack has bitten me in the behind and I found that I needed to get the map fixed. There will be more, but here’s the map of the world as I know it right at the moment.

I’ll be making some detail maps for each book in a bit.

Except for Korlay and Zypheria, I’m not bound by any of these other names. If you’ve got any suggestions for alternatives for the other two continents or the bodies of water, let me know in the comments.

Ravenwood is Live

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You can now order paperback versions through Amazon.

Ebooks are also available at a variety of places including the Kindle Store at Amazon and Barnes and Noble and even Smashwords.

I’ve got a case of books on the way here, but they won’t be here for another week. (I picked cheap shipping. sorry).

They’re here and I’ve added a “Buy Direct” Page up there. Who want’s to be the first brave person to try it out and tell me how/if it works?

Trick or Treat?

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Well, I think it’s mostly just treat. There are no tricks involved.

Ravenwood is now live in the kindlestore at Amazon.

I’ve uploaded it to Barnes and Noble and I’ll be making ebook versions available here in a few days for those people who just can’t deal with either of those.

The paperback should be coming online in a day or so as well. The files are in review now.

And just to kick this out early:

1. Yes, you will be able to order signed, limited edition hardcovers sometime in January.
2. Yes, you will be able to order signed paperbacks sometime in November.
3. Yes, you will be order the ebooks direct from my site.

And in other Tanyth Fairport news, my younger daughter is going to do NaNoWriMo next month. Her teacher has offered extra credit at school and I’m going to attempt the sequel to Ravenwood. I’m not sure what the title will be yet. I’m thinking it might be “Lammas Wood.” We’ll see when the characters tell me, I guess.