World Map

In the middle of NaNoWriMo I discovered that the rough maps I’ve been using don’t really work. So I took a day to draw this one.

It’s not labeled yet and I’ll be pulling out pieces of it for the Ravenwood and Zytheria’s Call maps.

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    Looks really good, but I see a few areas that I think need improvement. The area in the upper left hand corner and its continuation on the upper right hand side look far too smooth.

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    Tara Li

    I like this! It looks really, really good! I hope one day you get around to re-doing the St. Cloud map to look like this. But not for a while – you have books to write!

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    I would like to see the village of Ravenwood, I have had a difficult time imagining the village with all the houses, the Inn, the barn, and the quarry road in relation to the ‘main drag’.

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    what a good idea!

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    Hi, Nathan!

    I just finished listening to Ravenwood and I heartily enjoyed it. I am going to start on the Solar Clipper books as soon as I clear out my backlog of podcasts.

    What do you use to create maps? It looks really good. I was curious if it is software, experience, or both that make them look so real.

    Thank you for the wonderful story and great narration! Looking forward to more Tanyth!

  6. 6


    It’s a combination of time, work, and techniques I learned from the Cartographer’s Guild.

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