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This blog has been moribund for a number of years. It’s time to let it go. 

At the new year, this page will automatically redirect to my main website

Still Alive!

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I just realized that it’s been over two years since I posted here.

Sorry about that. I’ve been busy and posting over at but forgot that some of you don’t follow me there.

Where’s Tanyth?

All three of the Tanyth Fairport Adventures are now available in paper and ebook. You can get them on Amazon, Nook, and Kobo. I’ve had to remove the “buy direct” page here because I haven’t the time to stock and manage the orders right now. At some point you’ll be able to order signed copies. Just not right now. Sorry.

I’m still planning on putting together podcast versions of the second two books but I can’t say when. I’ve had to focus on getting new books in the pipeline for the SF side of the house.

One thing I’m planning on doing is actually creating an audiobook version .. one without the music and other podcast accouterments. I’ve got the Ravenwood narration files from the original recordings and only need to format them slightly to get them into shape. I can do the same thing with the other two books as well and plan to make them all available as soon as I get some more books published.

Thanks for your kind words and for sticking by Tanyth over the seasons. It really makes a difference.

The Hermit of Lammas Wood

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TheHermit_Ebook_CoverI pushed the “publish” button last night and the book is live on Amazon today. It’s still working thru the Nook and Kobo infrastructure but it should be available there, soon.

This is final book in Tanyth’s first trilogy but I’ve plans for many more stories with Tanyth. Rebecca will also be coming back in a series of her own and who knows what else might pop up.

It’s been great fun telling these tales and discovering, along with you, the twists and turns she’s made along the way. Thanks for all your support over the yeaers and I’m looking forward to the next adventure.

If that Ishmael Wang fellow weren’t so demanding… 🙂

So mote it be.

Tanyth Returns

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TheHermit_Ebook_CoverAfter months of not hearing much, I finally have news.

For National Novel Writing Month I decided to wrap up the Tanyth Fairport trilogy with The Hermit Of Lammas Wood. I finished the first draft on Nov 20, and just sent off the second draft to the editor a few minutes ago. I’ve put this one on the publication schedule for Feb, 2014.

This is the final book of Tanyth’s first adventure. It’s a kind of origin story for the world of Korlay and to introduce Tanyth Fairport. I’m expecting to visit this world again – perhaps in 2015. I’ll be spending next year in the Deep Dark with Ishmael and a new crew. If you’re interested in where that’s going, see or and I’ll try to get better about keeping things updated.

For those who are waiting for audio, I’m recording Zypheria’s Call this month and writing in January. With any luck at all, I’ll record Hermit in February after I get the ebook published.

Yes, paperbacks are in the works. I’m fussy about them and they take too much time so they get pushed to the back of the queue, but they’re in the works. As I get caught up on backlogged work, I expect to spend more time working in paperback and even hardcover.

Thanks for your patience and support. Stay tuned. There’s more on the way.

Vernal Equinox

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Well, that was over a week ago and I just realized that I haven’t posted since before Yule.

Sorry about that.

It’s one of the problems with having three blogs. I forget where I’ve posted what. (Thanks for the nudge, Miriam.)

For those who didn’t hear, my sister lost her battle with cancer at the end of January. I’ll be going back to Maine for the interment when the ground thaws. That’s been a much bigger drain on my energy than I really was aware of, but the trial is over and she’s finally at peace. Now it’s time to dig in and move on.

I’m still hoping to get the audio version of Zypheria’s Call done in time for this year’s Parsec Awards. It needs to be completed by the end of April.

Before I can work on that I need to finish a contractual obligation to write a novella for Dark Overlord Media. It’s coming together–just very slowly.

Some have asked about epub versions of Zypheria’s Call. Yes. They’re coming. I’ll make them available here as soon as I have them. You can get all the various formats of Ravenwood on Smashwords now but I’ll be making that available here as well. I’m not sure what version is still on Smashwords. The last time I uploaded there was such a nightmare that I’ve blocked it out of my mind.

As for the other stores:
No, I’m probably not going to list on B&N again.
I’m definitely not listing on Smashwords again unless/until they fix the conversion tool.
I haven’t decided about Kobo.
I don’t have a Mac so I can’t upload to the iBook store.
I will not be using Google Books.

Paperbacks *are* coming…but I need about a week to sit down and figure out how to make the books do what I want in paper. So far, I’ve not had the opportunity do that.

Sorry there’s not better news. I’m working as fast as I can and it’s not fast enough to satisfy me. I’m sure it’s too slow for all of you. Thanks for your continued patience. Things will get better.

I’m *really* anxious to get Tanyth’s first story wrapped up in The Hermit of Lammas Wood. My goal is for mid summer on that, but I’ve been singularly unsuccessful at meeting my own deadlines so … yeah … don’t be surprised if that one slips, too.

A Little Update

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I posted a big update over on Solar Clipper Diary but for those who aren’t following along at home, I’ll recap here.

The news is “Bogged down.”

I’ve got too many things falling on me all at once and I’m trying to dig out of the avalanche of details in order to get some projects taken care of.

Ravenwood’s new cover proof came the other day and I need to make a change before I can release it.

Zypheria’s Call is still in audio production. I’ve not had the time to do that justice.

The Share books all have new covers and I need to finish the copy editing. Every time I think I have these ironed out, I get a new punch list of errors that need to be corrected.

There’s also some personal stuff that’s causing more distraction than it should. I’m trying to chip away at some of these and find a path through the details.

That’s about all for now. Sorry I don’t have better news but that’s where we stand.

Dropped The Ball

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I just got a Paypal notice on a held order.

Yikes! Somebody wanted to buy a copy of Ravenwood at the beginning of September and I missed the Paypal notice (apparently).

I’m out of stock on the old covers so I couldn’t fill it anyway but I should have at LEAST told the reader.

Mea culpa.

That’s not something I ever want to be guilty of … and it looks like I need to not ever be guilty of it *again*.

If you ever order something from me and don’t get a response? Use the contact form and let me know. Please?


The Call Is Out!

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It’s been a long time coming, but it’s out on Kindle now. I’m getting the other formats set up and putting the paperback version together.

You can find it now at Zypheria’s Call.

Thanks for all your patience.

Zypheria’s Call

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I’m soooo close. I have just the last four chapters’ worth of copy edits to load and then the format and layout before I can upload to Amazon, etc.

My apologies for this delay. A.C. Crispin’s announcement yesterday pretty much took most of my day as people contacted me to find out what my response was. It was a very distracting day.

My apologies for that and I’m going to be working today to get this loaded *at least* to Kindle. The paperback will be a few days yet – just because of the nature of the product. I’ll roll out Smashwords and PubIt files as well so .. yeah.

It’s close. I can almost smell it.

Podiobooks Is Back

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It’s not perfect yet but it’s running and it’s pretty slick.

Give ’em a chance to deal with the kinks. I think you’ll find it a much nicer experience